Set Goals. Reach. Repeat.

Hillsborough’s Premier CrossFit Facility

When you step into CrossFit Broadreach, you’re not just walking into a gym. You’re becoming part of a family. Got kids? Bring them in with you! There’s no better way to set a good example for their future than letting them see you invest in your health. We pride ourselves on being 100% intimidation free. Our members come from all walks of life - from stay-at-home parents to students to elite athletes to retirees - so you’re going to feel right at home sweating with us no matter who you are. Our small class sizes (1:7 is the typical ratio), talented coaches who are passionate about your results, and the friendliest members in all of North Carolina are sure to make CrossFit Broadreach the best hour of your day. Come by and see us today!

Excuses are useless. Results are priceless.

What are you waiting for?

Our Facility

CrossFit Broadreach’s 2,000-square-foot facility is Hillsborough’s only CrossFit gym, and we take that responsibility very seriously. After all, we have the honor of representing the entire sport of CrossFit in our town! Inside our facility, you’re going to find all the cool CrossFit tools you’ve either heard so much about, or already know and love (and sometimes love to hate) ... and then some. Our inviting atmosphere, clean space, specialty classes, passionate coaches, and supportive members come together to make sure CrossFit Broadreach is the spot where you’ll make the best transformation of your life.

  • Don't be afraid to start. When I started, I could barely do an overhead squat with the bar. It takes time and patience but you will see results. CrossFit is different every day and always challenging. Everyone is welcoming and we all try to encourage each other.

    Jessica Focht

  • I got tired of the normal gym routine and wanted something different, and I found it! The programming is awesome! I can bring my kids to hang out while we WOD. Anyone can do it. Just hang in there, and it's a blast.

    Mike Simpson

  • I had hardly done a deadlift before I started, now I don't think twice about them. There are no egos at CFB. None. Period. Everyone encourages everyone and wants you to succeed and get better. Just try it. Commit for a month. See what happens. You have nothing to lose.

    Martin Horrocks